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Slack is the undisputed king of team collaboration, an endlessly extendable central point for all communications across your organization. However, there are times when asynchronous communication is not quite ideal and you need to communicate in real time with your team. In short, you need to schedule a meeting. With the scheduling Slack integration, you can do so. Instantly. Without leaving Slack! Below are the “Best Slacktices” (the article title that was resoundingly and correctly vetoed by my team) for scheduling meetings from within Slack using

Set Up Instant Meeting Templates

For internal meetings, most of us just want the time blocked off according to a set of preferences. There is no need to double-check meeting details, we just need them on the calendar. In this example, I am creating a meeting template called “Marketing Team Sync” with the shortcut /marketing so that I can sync… with my marketing team. The setting needed in order to enable instant meetings is turning OFF the meeting details confirmation. This is the option under “Email Scheduling For /marketing.”

Pro Tip: There is a second toggle that will enable or disable Scheduler’s ability to understand additional meeting details in your message. I leave it ON so that I can say things like “next week” and override the settings on the Meeting Template.

When this is set to OFF, there will be no double-checking of the meeting details with you, Scheduler will simply schedule the meeting right away according to the settings in the Meeting Template. If the meeting is internal or amongst users, this will happen instantly!

Automatically Check Your Coworkers’ Calendars

When scheduling an internal meeting, you typically need to open your calendar, show your participants’ calendars alongside your own, and pick a time that is open for everyone. Why go to all of that trouble when can check your colleagues’ calendars for you and schedule the meeting instantly? On the Team Plan, you can enable a feature called Instant Coworker Scheduling. When enabled, the scheduling tool can identify the free and busy times for any internal calendar to which you have access. This means that if you can see a colleague’s calendar then through you, can see their free/busy information and pick a time instantly!

Talk To Yourself

When using the Slack command, /scheduler, you only need to @mention your colleagues and they will be included on the meeting as participants. In some cases, however, you may not want them to receive notification of the mention. To prevent this, just send a message to yourself using the Slack Command and @mentioning your meeting participants.

Pro Tip: You can also include an email address in your message to Scheduler and will add them as a participant, too!

In the screenshot above, I included my shortcut /marketing, @mentioned all of the necessary participants, and included an external email address for another user. I also specified “next week,” thus overriding the existing time range settings on my /marketing Meeting Template. The result is that this meeting was scheduled immediately with no additional effort required on my part! 💥

Add to your Slack workspace now!

There is NO faster way to schedule a meeting with your team than using over Slack, no matter how many participants you need. Got additional tips for using over Slack? Let us know on Twitter!

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