For Individuals

Spend more time prepping for meetings and less time setting them up.

$ 17
/ month

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About the Individual Plan

  • Differentiate Yourself with AI

    No apps. Nothing to download. Just CC on meeting threads or /amy on Slack, and she’ll care for your calendar while you’re busy ✓getting ✓stuff ✓done.

  • Never Miss an Opportunity

    Amy and Andrew quickly respond to clients, contacts and new leads. 24/7. And they’ll never double book you.

  • Build a Lasting Relationship

    Amy and Andrew work according to your preferences. The more you train them, the smarter they’ll get over time.

This plan includes:
    • Support for Google,, Office 365 calendars
    • Multiple connected calendars
    • Use Amy or Andrew in Slack
    • Only schedules meetings you agree to
    • Never shares your availability
    • Unlimited meetings
    • Free 1:1 training session
    • Multi-channel support from humans

You could save 0 hours a month and get back $0 in time saved, and that's a 0% ROI.


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