Increase Your Team’s Productivity With Scheduling Software

In a given week, each member of your team will spend 5-10 hours scheduling meetings manually. This time can be reclaimed and your team’s productivity can be unlocked by implementing an automated scheduling solution like

It’s never been easier to take advantage of’s powerful Team features. Whether you’re a team of one or a larger enterprise, you can fully brand and integrate the experience while also supercharging your team’s productivity with efficient scheduling tools.

Get a Holistic View of Everyone’s Availability 

With an Team subscription, you can connect an unlimited number of calendars.

Connect your personal and professional calendars so can consider your full availability.

This lets consider your full availability, across your personal and professional calendars, to ensure a meeting will work for you.

This information is never shared with your teammates, and it saves you the headache of creating placeholder blocks on your work calendar. If there’s an event on your personal calendar, it won’t be available when your coworker schedules time with you.

Fully Branded Calendar Pages and Scheduling Emails

When people see your business’s brand, they know they’re dealing with you and we’ve seen they’re more likely to respond to your meeting requests quickly.

lyft scheduling email

With a Team plan, you can add your company logo to your Calendar Pages, scheduling emails, and customized Meeting Reminders. You can also add all of the Scheduling AIs to your company’s domain, so they all have a company email address (i.e. or Your logo will be featured for every member of your team, ensuring a cohesive brand experience.

Book Time with Multiple Team Members

Team users can set up unlimited Combined Calendar Pages, which easily lets people schedule a meeting with multiple members of the same team.

Combined Calendar Pages let people schedule meetings with multiple members of the same team.

Combined Calendar Pages work just like our personal Calendar Pages: Set rules for when and where you want to do these meetings, how often, and which team members are required to join.

When you share the URL for a Combined Calendar Page, your guests can choose from times that work for all of your Team members.

Increase Leads with a Round Robin Calendar Page

Teams can also set up unlimited Round Robin Calendar Pages, which are an ideal solution to give your guests the maximum available options to book the meeting ASAP. Simply add the Team members who should be eligible for the meeting, and the scheduling engine will assign it to an available team member.

Round Robin Calendar Pages let people book the first available time with any team member.

Round Robin Calendar Pages are perfect for meetings where any of your team members can answer your customer’s questions equally well. They’re ideal for sales teams, support teams, personal trainers, attorneys, and other professions where inbound interest can turn into a client for any number of your team members.

Pro Tip: Embedding a Round Robin Calendar Page onto your site optimizes your inbound lead process and reduces the time it takes to get them qualified. Unlike a “Contact Us” form, an embedded calendar allows your prospects to book a meeting at the time they’re demonstrating the highest level of intent. Those conversations can happen sooner, which increases the overall volume of opportunities.

Set Up Customized Meeting Reminders

Booking the meeting is only half of the challenge. Customizable Meeting Reminders add a layer of smart automation to your Team’s process to ensure your guests show up on-time and prepared.

Team plan users can add personalized reminders for every type of meeting they do. These Meeting Reminders are fully branded with your company logo. Add as many reminders as you want and customize when they should go out — down to the minute! Use our template or write a custom message.

Accept Payments from Any Calendar Page

Customize and collect payments from your guests when they schedule a meeting from any of your fully branded Calendar Pages.

accept payments directly from your calendar page supports 136 currencies through our direct integration with Stripe (with Paypal support coming soon). Unlike other services, does not collect any additional fees on the payments you collect.

Productivity You Can Actually Measure

Meetings between users can be scheduled instantly because the tool already has access to everyone’s availability and preferences. In addition, Team admins can report on how many meetings their Team is scheduling, as well as how much time is saving the company.

Book Your Favorite Conference Rooms

With a Team plan, you can sync your company’s conference room availability with so you can automatically find the appropriate one for the size of your meeting.

company conference rooms

Team members can also save their favorite conference rooms as preferred locations for different types of meetings.

Instant Scheduling On Behalf of Your Teammates

When everyone on the Team is connected to, the software can instantly review everyone’s availability and preferences to book time without any back and forth. You can even schedule meetings on behalf of other Team members, simply by marking yourself as optional. This is especially valuable for recruiters and editorial assistants, who previously had to endure many rounds of manual calendar-comparing and endless email threads to get something on the calendar.

rescheduling meetings is easy between teammates

Need to reschedule a meeting? Usually the stuff of nightmares, rescheduling is as easy as clicking a button when everyone is on the Team

Integrations with Your Go-To Tools integrates directly with Google, Microsoft, and Zoom to generate unique Google Meet, MS Teams, and Zoom meeting URLs for all of your virtual meetings. We support other conference platforms as well, and our Scheduling AIs can schedule meetings directly from your Slack environment. You can also connect to 1,000+ apps like Salesforce, Greenhouse, Google Sheets, and Trello through our Zapier integration.

Are You Ready to Increase Your Team’s Productivity?

Once you sign up or upgrade your existing subscription to a Team plan, you can easily add additional people to your team.

add a team member to

To get started, we recommend inviting the Team members that you meet with most often. Most Teams have several “power schedulers,” who are the most active in booking meetings. It’s important to also invite your teammates who attend meetings, so you can maximize the effect of having access to everyone’s availability and preferences.

Interested in Seeing a Live Demo?

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