Almost there! How we’re starting to roll out the Professional Edition

We’re a data driven bunch at It should go without saying really, given what we’re building. Delivering Amy and Andrew to the world at large is no different. We’re staging our move from closed beta into the market very deliberately. We want to make sure we’re getting all the details right from tiering of plans to messaging. And of course, to do that, we need to continue testing (something that never really stops here).
Right now, we’ve arrived at a provisional pricing structure and a set of features for each of our editions (Personal, Professional, Business) that we think makes the most sense. But we want to find out if our customers agree with our plans. And so, we’re beginning to make the Professional Edition available to small segment of our waitlist. Their reactions and feedback will help us hone our tiering so that come Autumn, we’ll have a much more informed sense of which features people value most, what price feels right to them and how we move them through the signup process.
It’s worth noting that we have taken the decision to begin to open our doors now, even though we remain in Supervised Learning setting. We decided not to wait until we had fully trained Amy for two reasons: First, we feel that Amy is sufficiently mature to deliver on our promise to magically schedule meetings for you; though she’s barely 2 years old, she’s exceptionally good at this task. Secondly, we’ve clearly hit on a real need, and we feel it’s time to satisfy more of that demand. When your beta customers beg. to. pay. for your product or service, at a certain point, you have to give in and let them. 😉
While we’re still training Amy and Andrew, we believe now is the time to crack open the door. And we’ll be excited to share what we’ve learned in the fall.