How to use Amy + Andrew on Slack

Now that you know you can schedule meetings on Slack (install our Slack app here), you may be wondering how to use your AI assistant in this new (for them) channel.

So, without further delay, here’s a quick guide to scheduling with Amy + Andrew on Slack.

Type /amy or /andrew to wake up your AI scheduling assistants, so they’ll see the requests that follow.

Amy + Andrew have an intuitive understanding of natural language (hard won via YEARS! of diligent work by our data science team), which means you can use plain English for all of your scheduling requests.

As long as you reference any meeting details you’d like them to include on the calendar invite, they’ll understand your request.

The only thing you need to do is tag the people you want to meet with. In the example below, Catherine wants to meet with John.

Slack Schedule

You don’t need to add any other details for Amy to put something on the calendar; however, you can include them if you want her invite to be more specific. In Catherine’s case, her meeting is timely, so she tells Amy when it needs to happen (“tomorrow”). She also decides to give the meeting a title (“Lunar Lander”) that will show up on the calendar invite Amy sends to her and John; the title reminds them both of the reason for the meeting.

That’s not all Amy and Andrew can do on Slack, naturally. Say you want to check in on your schedule. Easy. After waking up /amy or /andrew, type the word meetings and they’ll display a private list of meetings they’re currently setting up, as well as ones they’ve recently put on your calendar. Nobody else in the channel can see the list, so don’t be shy about asking for it whenever and wherever the urge strikes.

Slack Meetings

There’s more. Our assistants can also help with solo tasks. In any channel after activating Amy or Andrew, you can ask them to put a personal reminder on your calendar, for any single-person tasks that you need to do—professional or personal (say, going to the grocery store Thursday evening). Include a specific request and quotes if you want the reminder to have a title, like Catherine does.

Slack Reminder

Because they’re autonomous AI assistants, Amy and Andrew are always learning how to respond to your requests with increased precision. To help them understand you better, you can tweak your personal preferences (such as travel times, meeting buffers, and meeting durations) at

Beyond that, we encourage you to be direct and precise when you tell Amy + Andrew what you need. They’re smart enough to figure it out from there.

Happy scheduling!