How To: Offer Coupon Codes On Your Calendar Pages

When you book paid meetings, your time is literally money. How much money may be open to negotiation, as not all clients are equal. Sometimes a life coach wants to give a client volume discounts. Sometimes an instructor may want to offer the first 10 seminar registrants a discount. Sometimes a consultant may just really like a particular client and want to reward them with a discount. With a little bit of tweaking our Stripe payments integration, your Calendar Pages can offer discounts to your VIPs without publicizing non-public preferred rates. Here’s how!

Set up your standard Calendar Page

First you’ll want to set up your standard rate Calendar Page by connecting your Stripe account to your account and setting a price for a particular service. In this case, we can set up a service called “Yodeling Lesson” and set a rate of $100 for an hour.

You can now share this URL with whomever you’d like and they can book your Yodeling lessons for $100 per hour.

Add this Meeting Template to Your Account

Yodeling Lesson

Meeting Template

Demo Meeting: Books a yodeling lesson for $100 per hour

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Create a discounted scheduling page

Next we are going to duplicate our Yodeling Lesson Meeting Template. You can easily do so with our handy “Duplicate” feature that you will see when you visit your own Calendar Pages. You can also find the Meeting Template duplication feature under the three dots menu on your Meeting Template page.

Now that you’ve made a copy of your Meeting Template, let’s make a few changes to differentiate it. First, give it a unique URL such as “yodeling-20” or similar.

Next, we’ll change the amount we plan to charge anyone who schedules a lesson through this page. Simply scroll to the Payment section and update the payment amount to $80 and include a mention of the discount in the notes if you wish.

Now you have a unique page upon which anyone can book a Yodeling Lesson for a mere $80. However, the whole point is to limit access to this discounted rate to only the people with whom you share the coupon code. For that, you’ll scroll to the “Privacy” section of your Meeting Template and update two settings.

First, you’ll want to make this page private and hide it from your calendar homepage so that your aspiring yodelers cannot stumble across it and book your time for discounted rates. Second, you will want to require a passcode (that serves as a coupon code) for guests to be able to view this calendar page and schedule a lesson with you.

Add this Meeting Template to Your Account

Discount Yodeling Lesson

Meeting Template

Demo Meeting: Books a yodeling lesson for $80 per hour with a coupon

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Give the passcode to your VIPs

Now you have a hidden Calendar Page that will prevent anyone from seeing your availability, seeing your discounted hourly rate, and booking your time unless they have the coupon code (passcode!) that you set. Voila! Coupon codes!