How to: Have your AI assistant send invites for meetings with pre-set times

Sometimes you arrange to meet someone offline and quickly find a day and time. Other times you know exactly when you’d like to set up a call or grab a coffee. In these situations, there’s no negotiating the day and time of the meeting. But that doesn’t mean Amy and Andrew can’t help. They can.

Amy and Andrew can set up meetings when you’ve already chosen the exact time. All you need to do is cue them in directly with a clear request to schedule for the time you’ve picked. Don’t forget to let them know if it’s AM or PM so they’re not confused about the time of day. Include your guest on the email thread and be clear and precise, like this:

Amy, please schedule this meeting for 12PM this Friday, the duration is 2 hours. Tyrion can choose where we eat for lunch. Title this meeting “Networking Lunch”

Hi Andrew, please send a calendar invite for a call on Tuesday the 10th at 10AM. I’ll call Arya at her number.

Hi Amy, please add a meeting on June 15th at 11PM to our calendars. I’ll meet Sansa for coffee. Make the subject for this meeting “Coffee w/ Sansa”

To make sure Amy and Andrew set up the meeting as you intended, never offer the time as a question. If you know you want to set up a meeting for a specific time and day, say so with confidence. 😉

You can also reschedule meetings to an exact time that you and your guest have already agreed upon, like this:

Amy, Jon and Samwell got back to me—please update the invite to Monday the 29th at 6PM. And please add this note to the invite “Give me a call if you are stuck in traffic”

Andrew – Cersei and I agreed on a time to meet. Please send us an invite for August 16th at 1PM. Location TBD.

Letting Amy and Andrew know that you want the meeting set up and the invite sent for an exact time cuts down on the back and forth of scheduling. Be a good boss and tell them when you’ve already picked a time, and they’ll take care of the rest.

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