How to: Have your AI assistant add a reminder to your own calendar

Running a proper calendar means making sure to note all events on it, whether these are meetings, appointments or even time you’ve blocked out to finish a particular project. Amy and Andrew excel at scheduling meetings. They’re also quite capable of other calendar management tasks. For instance, they can insert reminders for events that have already been scheduled or that don’t involve someone else—doctor’s appointments, drinks with friends that you agreed to via phone, dropping birthday cupcakes off at your daughter’s school.

For any of these scenarios, all you need to do is to ask Amy or Andrew to add a reminder to your calendar. Be sure to let them know the date and time for your reminder so that they block out the right slot, like this:

Hi Andrew, please set a reminder for next Tuesday at 11AM for my doctor’s appointment. The appointment will last 1 hour. Title this reminder “Appointment with Dr. Meredith Grey”

Hi Amy, please set a reminder up for drinks with Derek Shepherd, this Friday 6-8PM. Location is Joe’s Bar, 72 Fair Oaks Ave.

Put all of the relevant details in the body of your email to Amy and Andrew. They’ll then include the contents of your original email in the reminder invite (as meeting notes), so you can, you know, see what you actually meant to remember.

Help Amy and Andrew manage your schedule by being clear in your request. They’ll take care of the rest.


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