How to: Customize meeting titles from your AI assistants

What’s in a name? A ton of data. Your AI assistants Amy and Andrew automatically title the meetings they set up for you to give you as much information as possible at a glance. They extract key data from the meeting (Guest name, number of participants, meeting type, etc.) and put it in the title. Here’s the data that’s included:

  • Guest name
  • Number of guests outside your company participating
  • Your name
  • Number of participants from your company
  • Meeting Type or Subject
  • Guest Company Name

And when Amy and Andrew put it all together, the title looks like this:

e.g. Gavin (2), Richard | Conference call – Hooli

If you’d like even more precision, Amy and Andrew can customize the title. All you have to do is ask them to, like this:

Hi Andrew, please make the subject of this meeting“Planning for Bachmanity.”

Amy, please title this meeting“Review of Daily Active Users.”

Andrew, please call this meeting “Raviga All-Hands Meeting”

It’s important to be as clear and precise with Amy and Andrew as you would with a human assistant. Be sure to use quotation marks around the title itself, so that Amy and Andrew are sure to see exactly what you’re requesting:

Hello Andrew, could you please set up a meeting with Erlich to discuss “Jian-Yang’s new app”

Give it whirl sometime. You might find that custom, meeting specific titles will prepare you better for a busy day.

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