How Seesaw Integrated to Better Support Educators

As Covid-19 started to spread in early 2020, demand for education platform Seesaw surged. Schools around the world were shutting down their physical classrooms and shifting to remote learning. Many of these schools have turned to Seesaw to be the link between at-home students and their teachers.

members of the Seesaw team
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Whether a class is fully remote, hybrid, or in-person, Seesaw lets teachers empower students to create, reflect, share, and collaborate in one place that is easy for families to access. Seesaw’s revenue has tripled this year, in large part because of its team’s quick reaction to the impend­­­ing spread of the coronavirus.

The Challenge: Provide Fast Support Over Video

Educators are relying on Seesaw more than ever and with that has come an increased need for fast technical support. Seesaw decided to introduce a new video support product to make it easier for their customers to connect with members of their Support and Customer Success teams.

“We offer video conferencing support to help districts get started quickly and to unblock customers if they run into an issue, “said Natalie Lorente, Seesaw’s customer support manager.

Scaling this level of support was critical for Seesaw, even as their own team was stretched and working remotely. Seesaw had just 60 employees in February 2020 when the coronavirus hit the United States, and had added 15 full-time employees and 100 contractors to help with customer support ahead of the fall “back to school” season.

“At the scale we were growing, we knew we needed to find software to help us meet the demand.”

Natalie Lorente, Seesaw’s customer support manager

In an interview with Inc., Seesaw co-founder Carl Sjogreen said the pandemic heightened the company’s sense of how important its mission to serve teachers and families was. “As difficult as our job was as a company, so many of our customers were in an even more difficult spot. We realized we just needed to be there to support them,” Sjogreen said.

The Solution: Scheduling with Team Calendar Pages

Seesaw signed up for after conducting research into different scheduling tools to find one that would meet their needs — a simple, centralized system that enabled video conferencing and could support a large team. Most importantly, the tool needed to be fully accessible and easy for their customers to use.

The Support and Customer Success teams set up dozens of Combined and Round Robin calendar pages to accommodate different points in each customer’s journey.

seesaw calendar page

For each Calendar Page, they customized which team members were on the templates, the length of the meeting, and the video conference location. They also added specific questions for their customers to answer at the time of booking to give team members context ahead of the meeting. The Calendar Pages each have passcodes set, since video support is a paid offering that customers opt into.

Seesaw held a one-hour session to train their team members on how to use and began using them immediately with customers.

“We were excited to find a way to allow customers to get in touch with us within a few minutes so that any available teammate would be able to assist them,” Lorente said. “The Combined calendar pages make it easy for our customers to book meetings with multiple Seesaw members at once, which is an important part of our onboarding workflow. Our Round Robin calendar pages lets us put multiple people into a rotation, so our customers see a wide range of time slots, across time zones.”

The Results: Faster, Easier Customer Support

Seesaw has been very successful using to book video support calls with their customers, according to Lorente. Any school district who purchases video support are given a Calendar Page link and password from their Customer Success Manager to schedule calls whenever they want.

seesaw adds passcodes for extra privacy on their calendar pages

 “The scheduling feature is easy to use for customers, and our internal team has found it user-friendly as well. I’ve found it to be very easy to set up and adjust our team calendars,” Lorente said. She said by the second week of using, the team had a really good flow going.

Seesaw has also stayed in touch with’s team along the way. “ has been very responsive to our requests for features that optimize the product for us,” Lorente said.

Today, Seesaw is used by over 10 million teachers, students, and family members every month across more than 75% of schools in the U.S.

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