How it works.

Our AI software eases the pain of scheduling across your entire company, no matter what your business is. Here are just a few popular uses:

Sales Reps
Product Managers


Team leads at growing companies often work with consultants and freelancers. Take a look at how Tyrik, VP of Marketing for an e-commerce shoe store, uses his AI assistant to set up a phone call with a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Consultant.

Tyrik emails a potential SEO consultant, CC-ing Amy, his AI scheduling assistant.
Amy emails Anita with some times based on Tyrik’s availability and scheduling preferences, while also asking for her contact.
Anita replies, confirming the time. Amy instantly sends the invite with all the details.


Tyrik has a 1:1 call on the calendar with no back-and-forth.


Freelancers are all about the hustle. Check out how Liz, a life coach with a busy schedule, uses her Calendar Page to share her availability everywhere she networks.

Liz personalizes her Calendar Page with her welcome message and meeting type details.
Liz shares the link everywhere potential clients might discover her.
People visit Liz’s Calendar Page, select a time from her availability, and receive an invite in their inbox immediately.


Liz’s Calendar Page books time with clients without her having to do extra legwork.


Raising money for your startup means lots of video pitches with potential investors all over the country. Luckily for Theresa, CEO of a venue booking service for musicians, bicoastal pitching is a snap thanks to our Time Zone Conversion and Zoom Integration.

Theresa sends an email to Frederick, a potential investor.
Amy offers Frederick several options based on Theresa’s availability that work for both of their time zones. However, the suggested times don’t work for Frederick.
Frederick clicks the link for more times and selects a time that works for him.
Theresa and Frederick receive invites with their respective time zones. Amy also signed into Theresa’s Zoom account to generate a unique Zoom link which is automatically included on the invite.


Another pitch on the books with minimal scheduling effort. Now, on to the next one.


Recruiters have to connect top candidates with the right hiring managers quickly before they lose out on talent. See how Nathan, a recruiter for a social media agency, uses our “Meet Without Me” feature to land the perfect candidate.

Nathan CC’s Andrew in his Applicant Tracking System template. He uses this to set up meetings between candidates and hiring managers for every role he recruits.
Nathan finds Priya, a candidate he likes for a Designer role, and moves her to the interview stage, which automatically sends his templated email.
By handing off the meeting to Andrew, Nathan’s work is done. Andrew sees Nathan’s request and negotiates a time to meet with Priya, based on Susan’s availability and scheduling preferences.
Priya and Susan receive calendar invites for a call on Friday at 1:30. Nathan saves time scheduling and doesn’t have an event blocking his calendar. And Andrew will let Nathan know if for some reason, he cannot set up the interview. Nice.


Nathan connected the relevant parties without sacrificing his own time.

Sales Reps

When it comes to pure volume of meetings, few outpace salespeople. Watch how Mark, a sales development representative for an online security company, uses his Calendar Page to accumulate leads, then pin down times for demos in follow ups with his AI assistant.

Mark uses his Calendar Page to schedule initial phone calls with leads.
After his initial phone calls, Mark uses AI scheduling in an email template to follow up with leads who want a demo.
Mark’s work is done. Amy schedules the meeting for Laura and Adam and inserts a unique Zoom link directly in the invite. She books a room for Adam.
Adam’s boss Jenna says she wants to be on the call. Adam manually adds Jenna to the invite and changes the room to Conference Room B for more space. Since the Zoom link is already included in the invite, Adam doesn’t have to notify Laura of the internal updates he’s made.


Mark used Calendar Page and his AI assistant together to capture a great prospect, complete a qualification call, and flip the lead to his account executive.

Product Managers

Product managers have to quickly develop action plans when software breaks. Here’s how Jose, PM for a boutique box delivery service, navigates a crisis and saves the day using our Slack Integration.

Jose receives a red alert in his #customerexperience Slack channel.
Jose replies in the channel, activating his AI scheduling assistant in Slack to schedule a meeting.
Andrew checks everyone’s availability (including teammates who don’t use, and selects the earliest available time.
Everyone receives the invite within 5 minutes of Jose’s request. Crisis averted.


Jose rallied his troops without leaving the channel or interrupting the conversation.


Makers need time to focus and build. Meetings shouldn’t disturb that. Sasha, an iOS developer for a video game company, uses her preferences to keep her afternoons completely meeting-free, so a Product Manager or Designer can’t steal 20 precious coding minutes for an impromptu meeting.

Sasha sets her “Scheduling Hours” for 10:00AM - 1PM on weekdays, with Thursdays reserved entirely for coding. Now Andrew automatically protects her afternoons.
On the rare occasion that Sasha explicitly requests it, Andrew will override her preferences.
Andrew goes ahead and schedules the meeting, and automatically books a conference room for Sasha and Julian at the office.


Sasha keeps her calendar clear so she stay focused on her work.

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Sales Reps
Product Managers

- G2 Crowd Review

"Amy knows how to book routine meetings and is able to find good time slots for me and my clients, which is especially helpful since we frequently are in different time zones."
—Doug L.

- Google Review

"WOW. As long as you get your own personal preferences set up correctly, Amy will save you and your team a TONNE of time back-and-forthing with clients and colleagues for meeting and call times. Fantastic product and is only going to get better. Love it!!!"
—Dave E.