How it works.

Mastering your schedule is simple with Get started in seconds and save yourself hours!

Use a preconfigured Meeting Type or request a meeting on the fly to schedule instantly.

  • Create Your Meeting Types

    For the meetings you schedule most often, create Meeting Types to store unlimited sets of preferences.

  • Send Your Meeting Type URL

    Create as many scheduling URLs as you need using your Meeting Types. 30 minute demo via Zoom? Hour long on-site interview with a conference room? There’s a URL for that!

  • Have Amy Send Available Times

    CC Amy (our scheduling AI) and use your Meeting Type Slash Command anywhere in the email and Amy will immediately reach out to your guests to find a time for that type of meeting.

  • Schedule An Ad Hoc Meeting

    CC Amy and just tell her the details of the meeting you need to schedule. After a quick confirmation of the details, we’ll help your guest find a time to meet.

  • Experience Scheduling Nirvana

    When your contacts are also in the scheduling network, our AI knows their preferences and availability… So why negotiate times? We just schedule it instantly!

Oh wow. That’s actually the most incredible experience ever. When has both calendars that totally rocks. Everyone should have
—Matt Harris, CEO of Bloom Credit