Get Ahead with the Upgraded Daily Meeting Prep Email

Every evening, sends a Daily Meeting Prep email with a rundown of your meetings to help you prepare for the day ahead. This email includes valuable information on who you’re meeting with, whether any meetings are missing details, and whether you have any conflicts on your calendar.

Over the last few weeks, we’ve added several new features to the Daily Meeting Prep email to make it even easier to plan and take action ahead of time.

Get a Useful Summary of Your Scheduled Meetings

Think of your Daily Meeting Prep email as a digest of the next day’s meetings, across all of the calendars you have connected to This makes it easy to see personal and professional commitments side-by-side in one email.

NEW: Get an Alert When You Hit Your Max Meetings Limit

If you’ve set a Global Max # of Meetings Per Day for your account, your Daily Meeting Prep email will let you know if you’ve reached your limit for the day ahead. 

get an alert if you've hit your global max # of meetings per day

Pro Tip: Your global max meetings limit will prevent any additional meetings from being scheduled automatically with you. You can still force a meeting for that day even if you’re over the limit.

Manage Conflicts and Reschedule Meetings with One Click

If you have any conflicting meetings for the next day, your Daily Meeting Prep will call that out in case you need to take action to move things around.

see conflicting meetings

You can also easily reschedule meetings directly from your Daily Meeting Prep.

reschedule meetings directly from the daily meeting prep email

See Details on Who You’re Meeting With and Where

Your list of scheduled meetings includes profile details for every participant — their name, titles, company and LinkedIn URLs. If you’re meeting with another user, we’ll also include their profile photo to make it easier to recognize them.

See profile information for everyone you're meeting with

You’ll also see the location details for every meeting. If the meeting is being held over video, we’ll include the direct link so you can easily join the meeting directly from the Daily Meeting Prep email.

get access to your video meeting links

We’ll also alert you if any meeting is missing a location so you can update it ahead of time.

get notified if a meeting is missing a location

NEW: View the Schedule for Reminders and Post-Meeting Actions

In addition to details about your participants, your Daily Meeting Prep email now includes the schedule of all Pre-Meeting Reminders and Post-Meeting Actions that are set up for each meeting.

see the schedule of pre-meeting reminders and post-meeting actions for every meeting

Pre-Meeting Reminders help to reduce no-shows and ensure that guests come to the meeting prepared. Post-Meeting Actions automate the follow-up communication to your guests immediately after the meeting. You can set these up on every Meeting Template.

Take Action on Pending Meetings

Your Daily Meeting Prep will sometimes include a section that includes any pending meetings that you may still need to take action on. You can update the meeting details or book them directly from the email.

see meetings you still need to take action on

If you have meetings that are in the process of being scheduled, you’ll see a section with details on their status.

see the meetings is currently scheduling

NEW: Schedule a Meeting from the Daily Meeting Prep

We’ve also added a link at the top of the Daily Meeting Prep that lets you quickly schedule a meeting with the Meeting Creator tool.

schedule a new meeting from your daily meeting prep email

Pro Tip: You can remove the logo from your Daily Meeting Prep email and replace it with your own brand to make it feel more relevant to your entire team.

NEW: Pro Tips to Get the Most Out of

Whether you’re a new user or a veteran scheduler, there’s always room to learn new tips and tricks to make the most out of This is why we’ve added a new section to the bottom of your Daily Meeting Prep email with a daily Pro Tip.

daily meeting prep pro tip

The Daily Meeting Prep email is available for all users. Make sure you have it turned ON in your preferences, then add to your address book, contacts, or safe sender list.

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