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The control, choice, and security your business demands.

$ 59
/ user / month

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About the Enterprise Plan

  • Enterprise-Grade Security

    From SSL encryption to multi-layered authentication, we employ the most rigorous security protocols to ensure your information stays protected.  

  • Customizable SLAs and Enterprise Support

    We stand by our uptime and response times and can create custom service level agreements to fit your unique needs. Robust support via a dedicated account manager.

  • Custom Analytics and Reporting

    All the data you need to optimize time management and drive team productivity.


This plan includes:
    • Support for Google,, Office 365 calendars
    • Multiple connected calendars
    • Use Amy and Andrew on Slack
    • Only schedules meetings you agree to
    • Never shares your availability
    • Unlimited meetings
    • Free training for your whole team
    • Multi-channel support from humans

Your company could save 0 hours a month per person and get back $0 in time saved, and that's a 0% ROI.


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