Book Meetings from a Browser with the Chrome Extension

We’ve redesigned our Chrome extension to bring the full power of the scheduling engine into your browser. Now, you can start an meeting directly from your Google and Outlook calendars. You can also copy time options into an email. You can even create a One-Time Link, share a calendar page, and see a full view of your pending and upcoming meetings. All this from one little icon at the top right of your browser!

Create an meeting right from your calendar

Google and Outlook web users with the Chrome extension will now see a “Create” button on their calendars to quickly schedule meetings. 

Clicking the Create button will take you directly to where you can let our Scheduling AI send time options to your guests or you can generate a One-Time Link to share them yourself.

schedule meetings from your office calendar

Copy time options into a message

The Chrome extension makes it even easier to quickly share time options for a meeting. 

Open up the extension and tap the clock icon next to the template you want to use for the meeting, then select up to three days when you want the meeting to happen.

When you click “Finish and Copy Times,” the scheduling engine will generate up to three times per day that match with the meeting template’s preferences and your overall availability. These will be added to your clipboard and you can paste the time options directly into an email, Slack message, or any other place where you want to share times, and click send.

Your guest can choose the time they prefer, and the invite will be sent to everyone automatically. If these times don’t work for your guest, they can easily choose another time by clicking “view more options.”

Quick access to Calendar Pages

The Chrome extension also brings one-click access to your calendar pages right from your inbox. Click the icon to insert a link to one of your calendar pages right into your email draft. You can also opt to add a hyperlink to the calendar page or to insert a slash command for that meeting.

Try it out, leave us a review

Your next meeting is a tap away with the Chrome extension. New users can install the Chrome extension and get started right away. If you previously added the Chrome extension, make sure you have it enabled by clicking the three dots at the top right of your Chrome browser, then “More Tools” and “Extensions” (these instructions can walk you through the steps).

If you like what you see, consider leaving us a 5-star review in the Chrome store (it takes less than a minute to do!) and encourage your colleagues to add the Chrome extension, too. After all, meetings between users can be scheduled instantly!

Looking for even more productivity?

We’ve released a major upgrade to the Slack app! Now when you type /amy, /andrew, or /scheduler from any channel or direct message, you can @mention your guests or type out their email address with your meeting details. You’ll get an immediate confirmation and the option to book it right away.