NEW: Choose a Meeting Template to Schedule with the Meeting Creator

The Meeting Creator makes it easy to schedule a meeting with any number of people. With our latest updates, you can now select one of your Meeting Templates, add your guests’ email addresses, and start scheduling in seconds.

use a Meeting Template on the Meeting Creator

When you click on the “Start scheduling” button, Scheduler will immediately email a selection of your available times to the guests you added. From the email, your guests can choose a time and confirm their information on to book the meeting. They can also click a link to view more times, which brings them to a calendar page where they can see a broader range of your availability.

Pro Tip: Click the “Preview email” button to see the actual email and time options that Scheduler will send to your guests.

When your guest(s) confirm a time, sends out the event invite to everyone on your behalf.

Note: If you don’t specify a template shortcut in your email, will automatically use the presets from your default meeting template.

Narrow Down Your Availability Automatically 

You can easily include additional date and time details on the Meeting Creator. This will generate available time slots in a custom date and/or time range.

Use custom date and time ranges

You can even set a specific date and time for the meeting, which can be especially useful when your guest has already shared their availability. Scheduling with your Meeting Template ensures all of your preferences are applied, including your customizations for Record & Transcribe, Pre-Meeting Reminders, and Post-Meeting Actions.

When you set a date and time, skips the step of sending time options to your guests. Instead, Scheduler will send your guest(s) a confirmation email letting them know that you’ve scheduled the meeting.

Change the Meeting Details Automatically 

You can also change the meeting title, duration, and location when you use a Meeting Template on the Meeting Creator. Simply edit those fields before you hit the “Start scheduling” button.

change the meeting details

Simplified Scheduling With Meeting Templates

Meeting Templates are the foundation of scheduling. In addition to using them to schedule on the Meeting Creator, you can also use your Meeting Templates to schedule over email and Slack.

Looking for Meeting Template inspiration? Visit our Meeting Template Library to see examples of real templates that you can easily add to your account and customize.

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