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x.ai offers Unlimited Meeting Templates for FREE – calendly gives you 1. x.ai gives you an Email Scheduling AI – calendly doesn’t have one. x.ai never shows their own logo on your pages – calendly does. It’s all about you and your company with x.ai!

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The tweetable synopsis: Why x.ai is the best calendly alternative

  • Unlimited Meeting Templates for FREE
  • Email a Scheduling AI with Natural Language
  • Fully Branded Calendar Pages, Scheduling Emails, and Reminders
  • Schedule Meetings with Large Groups of People
  • Instant Scheduling Between Coworkers and Connections

Compare the features of x.ai and calendly

Unlimited Meetings – Free
Unlimited Meeting Templates – Free  
Connect Unlimited Calendars  
Route Meetings to Specific Calendars  
Limit meetings by day or week  
Unbranded Calendar Pages – Free  
Redirects With Custom URL Parameters  
Passcode Protected Calendar Pages  
Custom Calendar Event Visibility  
Embeddable Calendar Pages
View Shared Availability
Schedule Meetings for Large Groups  
Custom Fields – Free
Zapier Integration
Accept Payments
Google Calendar Integration
Outlook Calendar Integration
Automatically Generate Zoom Links
Custom Calendar Page Redirects
Unlimited Favorite Locations
Conference Room Booking
Round Robin Scheduling
Combined Calendar Pages
Scheduling AI  
Automatic Follow-Ups  
Automatic Reminders
Meet Again
24 Hour Clock Option
Logo Integration
Emails From Your Own Domain  
Slack Scheduling  
Chrome Extension
Template Library  
Scheduling Network  
Instant Scheduling  
Daily Meeting Prep Email  
Guest Bios  
Meeting Behavior Analytics  
Natural Language Email Scheduling  
iPhone App
Custom Meeting Template Color 🤷‍♂️
PRICE $0 – $15 $0 – $15

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