Calendar Pages 2.0 released with multiple new features

Your calendar pages just got a new round of upgrades!

A few weeks ago we rolled out updates to your (free!) calendar pages including a sleek and modern redesign, complete removal of’s branding, and full support for embedding calendars on your website.

That was just the beginning, though. Today we’re releasing a series of enhancements to help you better tailor your unlimited calendar pages to your unique scheduling needs.

Jump to one of the many new features in this article:

Get a full view of mutual availability

Now your guests can overlay their calendars on your page in order to quickly see when both of you are available. Once connected, green dots will appear next to dates and times when you both have availability. Existing users will see this automatically when on another user’s calendar page. No more tab-hopping, no more back and forth calendar comparison, now your pages are completely self-contained for your guests, resulting in optimal delight!

Set a custom time zone

Perhaps you are going to be traveling halfway across the globe and you want to have a calendar page that will schedule your meetings for that time zone during business hours. Rather than doing the math and setting your scheduling hours to 2 AM through noon, now you can set your hours to 9 to 5 but specify the different time zone. Don’t forget to restrict the calendar page to the dates you’re traveling, too!

Look far into the future

Now you can schedule years in advance! We’ve updated your pages so that your guests can book indefinitely into the future. Now you can start getting customer meetings on the calendar for that November conference, six months in advance.

Book meetings for here and now

Our “lead time” feature protects your calendar from meetings being set without sufficient notice. Sometimes you want bookings for right now so we’ve removed the minimum time restriction. Now if you want to allow people book time with you right this instant, they can. Some meetings just cannot wait.

Make the call or get the call

We’ve added smarter settings for who calls who. Now when you schedule a phone meeting you can choose to call your guest, and we’ll require a phone number from them. If you prefer for them to call you, we’ll add the number of your choice to the meeting invitation.

Meet for as long as you want with custom durations

Life does not happen in fifteen-minute increments, so why should your meetings be restricted to them? Now you can specify any duration you want for your meetings and we’ll schedule them for that amount of time.

Ask a question, get an answer

New custom fields let you gather additional information from your guests. Need to know what they want for lunch? Need to get a meeting agenda in the calendar invitation? No problem, just ask and you shall receive the answers! Make your fields one line, multiple lines, required, or optional. It’s up to you! The answers will appear in the meeting notes and will be sent to our Zapier integration for use in your CRM or thousands of other apps.

Bring a friend or a friend of a friend

Allow your guests to invite colleagues, friends, acquaintances, or complete strangers. With the option to allow additional guests you can let your guests CC other attendees from their side and they will receive a meeting invitation once a time is chosen. Get whole teams of people to schedule on your calendar pages!

Manage your page from your page

Quick-access tools let you access your account and quickly edit, copy, or share your page when you visit it while logged in. You’ll see the new menu options when you visit any of your calendar pages, giving you quick access to editing, sharing, or managing your account.

Meeting template status at a glance

Now when you are viewing your meeting templates, you can quickly see which ones are publicly available from your calendar homepage, which ones are private, and which ones are currently disabled. No more ambiguity!

Up Next

We’re working tirelessly on improving the guest experience and the options for our users. In the coming weeks, look for shared calendar pages, round robin scheduling, custom redirects, and more! Have a suggestion or a feature you’d love to see us build? Give us a shout!

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