Face it. Your team hates having to set up their own meetings. There aren’t enough Kind bars and Diet Cokes in the universe to make up for that pain. And every time a team member leaves, you pay at least 20% of their annual salary in hiring and training costs to replace them. (So for someone earning $50,000, that’s $10,000 out the door).

How about you finally give them something they care about?

More Opportunities

You probably don’t realize how much time you spend scheduling your own meetings. Our data shows that it a takes about 17 minutes in total to schedule a single meeting. If any one of your team members schedules just 8 meetings per week, they’re wasting 8 hours a month, or one whole day, scheduling their own meetings. By handing over meeting scheduling to Amy and Andrew, our business customers can do more. They have:

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Increased the number of sales calls every week and tangibly boosted revenue.

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Human Resources

Screened more job candidates for new positions, which has improved candidate quality.

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Account Management

Talked to more customers and increased their NPS scores


You’re already investing $$ into meeting scheduling.

You just don’t account for it. Here’s our math:


Say your typical team member makes $ / year,

that's $52.50 / hour (including 40% tax and overhead).

At meetings a week they’re each wasting 8 hours each month.

If you have a team of , together they waste 40 hours each month.

(which not incidentally costs you $420).

Face it

$59 /month per active user is a cheap productivity hack.

And it's a 1,077% ROI

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Fair Billing

We know team members have different scheduling habits. Your salespeople schedule a ton of meetings. Your engineers spend most of their time heads down, making stuff. That’s why we bill you every month for ACTIVE USERS. You only pay for team members who use Amy and Andrew. It’s that simple.

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