Ask Dennis Anything, Calendar, Meeting Scheduling, Product Updates

Product Roadmap Webinar Recording

Ask Dennis Anything, Calendar, Meeting Scheduling, Product Updates

Thank you everyone who attended our webinar on Tuesday, May 5th. We had well over π hundred registrants and a lively Q&A with Dennis. The first 40 minutes discusses our product direction and our vision behind it and the Q&A starts at 39:45. Here’s the highlights:

Meeting Types have rolled out… Now you can create templates for the meetings you hold most often. has three new ways of scheduling:

Calendar pages where your guests can simply pick a time from one of your Meeting Types (that link is my actual scheduling page as an example).

Slash commands where you can invoke Andrew or Amy instantly mid-thread and have them find a time with your guest based on one of your Meeting Types.

Ad Hoc meetings when you need a meeting that does not fit the mold of one of your meeting types.

Ad Hoc meetings now come with a readback, a confirmation that our AI scheduling assistants understood what you meant. This means no more anxiety over whether a meeting will get scheduled as intended.

Finally,’s scheduling assistants are available wherever you work, with integrations and apps for Zoom, Chrome, iPhone, and Slack.

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