How to: Have your AI assistant add a reminder to your own calendar

Running a proper calendar means making sure to note all events on it, whether these are meetings, appointments or even time you’ve blocked out to finish a particular project. Amy and Andrew excel at scheduling meetings. They’re also quite capable of other calendar management tasks. For instance, they can insert reminders for events that have…
Customer Success Pros And How They Do It: Noah Goldman of Enterprise Sales Podcast

Name: Noah Goldman Title: Host Company: Enterprise Sales Podcast Location: NYC Twitter handle: @noahgee boss since: October 2014 Describe yourself in one word: Hustle   Tell us one fun fact about you! I became one of Amy’s first beta users through a cold physical visit—worked like a charm :-). What do you enjoy most about your job? Best part? I… Pros Series

Shining light on the invisible

In October I joined the team as the first UX/UI designer for our ‘visible’ touchpoints, working alongside another designer who focuses on the ‘invisible’ interactions of our product. I became a part of a talented team of data scientists and engineers in the pursuit of making an intelligent assistant who magically schedules meetings for…
Artificial Intelligence, Startup Pros And How They Do It: William Treseder of BMNT

Name: William Treseder Title: Partner Company: BMNT Location: Palo Alto, CA Twitter handle: @williamtreseder boss since: August, 2016 Describe yourself in one word: Intellective Tell us one fun fact about you! I danced flamenco in college. That’s sort of unusual for a random white guy from the suburbs. But it was particularly random because I started taking classes right after… Pros Series selected to the 2017 AI 100 by CB Insights is honored to announce that we’ve been included in CB Insight’s AI 100 list. The list recognizes a select group of emerging private companies working on groundbreaking artificial intelligence technology. CB Insights CEO and co-founder Anand Sanwal revealed the winners during The Innovation Summit. CB Insights selected (out of 1,650 submissions), along with…
Artificial Intelligence, Startup

How to: Signal to your AI Assistant who’s who in a meeting

Too many people in a meeting. Too many cooks in the kitchen. Too much of a good thing.  If you’re trying to complete a specific task or make a decision, five is generally the maximum number of people who can meaningfully participate in a meeting. Being the thorough and attentive assistants that they are, Amy…
Customer Success Pros And How They Do It: Ben Paul of Edmodo

Name: Ben Paul Title: Product Analyst Company: Edmodo Location: San Mateo, CA Twitter handle: @benspaul boss since: July 6, 2015 Describe yourself in one word: Quirky   Tell us one fun fact about you! I wanted to learn how to play a Brazilian instrument called the cavaquinho but there are very few people who speak English who teach it.… Pros Series

How to: Have your AI Assistant cancel or reschedule a meeting

Sh*t happens, plans change, that’s just life. Fortunately, we designed Amy and Andrew to be quite adaptable, like any good human assistant.  If you decide you don’t need that Thursday budget conference call or if you get stuck in traffic and need to move your morning standing meeting, Amy and Andrew can easily adjust your…
Customer Success

How to: Tell your AI assistant about commute time

Busy schedule? Do you have to take three trains to get to your 10AM demo downtown? Meeting up for coffee in the Mission at 11AM, and you can just make it if you hop on your bike RIGHT NOW? Know that you’ll need an hour to get from your office to that 6PM dinner event…
Customer Success Pros and How They Do It: Stephanie Ann Boyd

  Name: Stephanie Ann Boyd Title: Classical Music Composer Location: Manhattan Twitter handle: @stephaniannboyd boss since: August 2016 Describe yourself in one word: indefatigable Tell us one fun fact about you. My first car was a 1983 Studebaker Avanti. What do you enjoy most about your job? Best part? My career lets me operate… Pros Series