The Hidden Humanity of AI on TV

Through books, music, films, video games, and TV shows, we’ve been conditioned to regard AI as an impending threat: a festering, faceless danger hell-bent on exterminating every fleshy fiber of our humanity. This construct has made for some unforgettable drama, but over the decades, has become so ubiquitous and stale that it obscures the emerging…
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What’s new for December 2017

We’re constantly pushing updates to Amy + Andrew to help them better understand you, improve their accuracy, & deliver new features. Here are the key updates we’ve made over the past month.
Product Updates

Reflecting on our tech stack in 2017

It has been three and half years since we founded We have built an AI scheduling assistant. Our assistant (which goes by the names Amy and Andrew Ingram) is a fully autonomous agent. To build Amy and Andrew, we’ve needed to collect and process an enormous amount of scheduling related emails (5 million and…
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