Trump’s victory decreased meeting scheduling by 24%

However you voted, there’s no arguing that the 2016 Presidential election was one of the most polarizing in our history. And the result was one of the least anticipated by media and political cognoscenti in the past half century. We had a hunch that such an election and its aftereffects (demonstrations, self-recrimination, surprise exultation) might…
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Why anti-lean startups are back

We’re living in an era (once again), in which startups are taking on some really gnarly technical challenges. These companies are building self-driving cars, high-speed transportation systems, AI autonomous agents, and mining 99% of the genome that hasn’t really been understood yet in terms of how it affects the human body and disease. Many of…
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A peek at’s data science architecture

Amy and Andrew are AI personal assistants who schedule meetings for you. There’s no app. Nothing to download. Once you’ve agreed to meet with someone, just cc and she’ll take over from there. You won’t hear from her again until she’s successfully negotiated a time and place to meet. We modeled Amy and her…
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Launching the Professional edition

Today it’s official. We’re launching our Professional edition, the first of the three editions we’ll be rolling out over the coming months. Our AI personal assistants (Amy Ingram and her twin brother Andrew) schedule meetings for you. There’s no app, nothing to download. Simply cc or, and they’ll take over the tedious email…
Artificial Intelligence, Productivity, Startup Pros And How They Do It: Kristelle Kamini of GfK SE

Name: Kristelle Kamini Title: EA – Data Driven Analytics Company: GfK SE Location: Canary Wharf, London, United Kingdom Twitter handle: @kzilla5 boss since: April 2016 Describe yourself in one word: Passionate   Tell us one fun fact about you! Huge dog lover! What do you enjoy most about your job? Best part? The parts I enjoy most about my… Pros Series Pros And How They Do It: Stu Heinecke of Contact

Name: Stu Heinecke Title: Author of How To Get A Meeting with Anyone, Wall Street Journal cartoonist, Hall of fame-nominated marketer, Host of Contact Marketing Radio, President & Founder of “Contact” Company: Contact (ContactMarketing.Agency) Location: Whidbey Island, WA Twitter handle: @byStuHeinecke boss since: September 2015 Describe yourself in one word: Mischievous. Tell us one fun fact about you! I… Pros Series wins Best Intelligent Assistant Award

Drumroll, please! is proud to announce that we’ve won the AIconics award for Best Intelligent Assistant. The AIconics, the world’s only independently-judged awards celebrating the drive, innovation and hard work in the international Artificial Intelligence Community, announced 2016 winners at The AI Summit in San Francisco this past Wednesday. Over 100 entries representing an impressive range of AI solutions…
Artificial Intelligence, Startup Pros and How They Do It: Sudha Jamthe of IoT Disruptions

Name: Sudha Jamthe Title: CEO, IoT Disruptions & Instructor, Stanford CSP Location: Silicon Valley Twitter handle: @sujamthe boss since: Dec 2015 Describe yourself in one word: #TechFuturist   Tell us one fun fact about you! I love the next shiny object in Tech.  I host a weekly YouTube show called The IoT Show and research… Pros Series

Setting Amy up for success

When a new employee starts here at we have a very well-defined onboarding process so they know what they should expect day one and week one and what we expect of them during that period. This process, which we’ve refined over time, sets new employees up for success. Amy isn’t all that different. If…
Artificial Intelligence, Meeting Scheduling, Productivity Pros And How They Do It: Jonathan Lehr of Work-Bench

Name: Jonathan Lehr Title: Co-founder and Managing Director Company: Work-Bench Location: NYC Twitter handle: @fendien boss since: February 24, 2014 Describe yourself in one word: #beastmode Tell us one fun fact about you! I’m obsessed with enterprise tech! My goal is to one day have an “enterprise tech decathlon” against Aaron Levie to see who is more hardcore enterprise.… Pros Series