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How AI agents are making everyone managers

A recent Gallup study found that only one in 10 people possess the skills to be effective managers. That’s bad news because AI is about to make everyone a manager. That’s right: The rise of intelligent AI assistants, like the one my company offers, means everyone will become the manager of their own team of artificially intelligent machine…
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Amy on the Telly — CBS This Morning

On CBS This Morning, tech contributor Nick Thompson discussed how Amy schedules his meetings (she’s way better at it than he is, apparently). Nick also gave Andrew a shoutout. The segment on “How virtual assistants could change home and life” covered Siri and Alexa as well. Thrilled to be mentioned alongside such giants.
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Jason Calacanis on and its AI-powered personal assistant, Amy Ingram: From “meh” to “wow” in 57 minutes

Jason talks to Dennis R. Mortensen about, humanizing our AI personal assistant, why AI won’t necessarily kill jobs, and the downside of being an entrepreneur in Denmark. Throughout the episode, Jason and Dennis set up a meeting with each other using Amy. After putting Amy to the task, Dennis checks out of the email…
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How to talk to your Mom about AI

2015 has seen an explosion in funding, interest in, and new product development around Artificial Intelligence. Facebook delivered M, Amazon gave us Echo, and Google launched TensorFlow, its open source machine learning library. A whole host of startups have also emerged, including ours (, HyperScience, and Vicarious. There’s an interesting parallel to the web, circa…
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