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Why anti-lean startups are back

We’re living in an era (once again), in which startups are taking on some really gnarly technical challenges. These companies are building self-driving cars, high-speed transportation systems, AI autonomous agents, and mining 99% of the genome that hasn’t really been understood yet in terms of how it affects the human body and disease. Many of…
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Launching the Professional edition

Today it’s official. We’re launching our Professional edition, the first of the three editions we’ll be rolling out over the coming months. Our AI personal assistants (Amy Ingram and her twin brother Andrew) schedule meetings for you. There’s no app, nothing to download. Simply cc or, and they’ll take over the tedious email…
Artificial Intelligence, Productivity, Startup wins Best Intelligent Assistant Award

Drumroll, please! is proud to announce that we’ve won the AIconics award for Best Intelligent Assistant. The AIconics, the world’s only independently-judged awards celebrating the drive, innovation and hard work in the international Artificial Intelligence Community, announced 2016 winners at The AI Summit in San Francisco this past Wednesday. Over 100 entries representing an impressive range of AI solutions…
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Amy on the Telly — CBS This Morning

On CBS This Morning, tech contributor Nick Thompson discussed how Amy schedules his meetings (she’s way better at it than he is, apparently). Nick also gave Andrew a shoutout. The segment on “How virtual assistants could change home and life” covered Siri and Alexa as well. Thrilled to be mentioned alongside such giants.
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The Story—Chapter 1

July 1, 2013 Dennis buys the URL at an auction. Expensive. Ouch.   October 2013 Conversations with Alex about killing the inbox lead to the conclusion that meeting scheduling accounts for much of the bloat. Dennis actually counts how many meetings he scheduled in 2012. That number, 1,019, represents about 8,000 emails, and that’s…
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Press Release: Secures $23M in Series B Funding

New round of financing to cement’s leadership in the AI personal assistant market.   New York, NY, April 7, 2016—, inc., an artificial intelligence company, today announced that it has secured an additional $23 million in Series B financing led by Two Sigma Ventures. In addition, DCM Ventures and Work-Bench Ventures have joined in…