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How the 2018 election affected your workweek

Blue wave? Red wall? We’ll leave the political analysis of the 2018 midterms results to the pundits. We’re interested in how the 2018 election affected your workweek. More specifically, what happened to meetings scheduled on Election Day and the day after?  Following the 2016 election, we reported a substantial dip in meetings scheduled. With what…
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How we calculate our AI’s ROI

If you missed our webinar on “Leveraging AI for Business,” we took a look at how to know whether an AI investment is merely a flashy tech accessory, or one that can provide tangible value for your business. Here’s a quick rundown on how to discern between the two: AI with true business ROI: -Solves…
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Time Lords Manual: Inbox Zero

The Time Lords Manual is a series of 1-minute reads on how to become a master of your time. (You can read the Time Lords Manifesto here). There’s a reason the first communication platform Amy + Andrew worked on was email: that’s where the bulk of meetings are set and professional communications exchanged. Even with…
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