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The Chrome Extension

Announcing our Chrome extension! We want you to have access to Amy and your calendar instantly, which is exactly what our Chrome extension allows you to do. No interruptions to your workflow, no tab or window-hopping – just easily install the extension and start utilizing the power of from any web page. Our…
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New Zapier Integration

We’re super excited to announce that our new integration with Zapier allows you to connect to 1,000+ other web services! Zapier is an automation tool that connects two or more apps together to automate repetitive tasks without the need for coding. Think of it as a way for Amy and Andrew to speak with the…
Artificial Intelligence, Product Updates can now check coworker availability

If you’re using our AI scheduling assistants Amy + Andrew in your workplace, but your coworkers aren’t, there’s a new way to help everyone schedule faster—sign up for Team or Enterprise edition! Even if (for some unfathomable reason) your coworkers don’t want to sign up for access to Amy themselves, as long as your organization…
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A better AI scheduling experience for your meeting guests

Amy + Andrew have always been effective gatekeepers of their bosses’ schedules. That said, if we’re being honest, sometimes the experience for their bosses’ meeting guests hasn’t been as smooth. Our automated scheduling has always saved our users significant amounts of time and money. Problem was, non-users were still ending up entangled in some back-and-forth.…
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All About Slackmoji

5 iconic Slackmoji to celebrate your AI scheduling assistant If you haven’t heard, we’ve developed a full-fledged tech crush on Slack as of late. Not only did we build a Slack app so Amy + Andrew can schedule mid-Slack conversation, but we are everyday power users—even if it irks our fearless COO Alex. One of…
Artificial Intelligence, Pop Culture, Product Updates launches on Slack

Now you can use “Amy + Andrew” in your Slack channels and DMs We’ve spent the past four years building our AI assistants to remove the pain of scheduling meetings completely. Today, we moved even closer to that reality: you can now summon Amy + Andrew on Slack as well as via email. If you’re…
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What’s new for December 2017

We’re constantly pushing updates to Amy + Andrew to help them better understand you, improve their accuracy, & deliver new features. Here are the key updates we’ve made over the past month.
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