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The Data Science that Animates Amy

Data science is at the core of Amy Ingram, our AI personal assistant, and Data Scientists make up a big part of our team. To animate Amy (and her twin brother Andrew), we are teaching her to understand scheduling related emails. Teaching machines to parse natural language alone is a daunting challenge (and represents an…
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Amy on the Telly — CBS This Morning

On CBS This Morning, tech contributor Nick Thompson discussed how Amy schedules his meetings (she’s way better at it than he is, apparently). Nick also gave Andrew a shoutout. The segment on “How virtual assistants could change home and life” covered Siri and Alexa as well. Thrilled to be mentioned alongside such giants.
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The Story—Chapter 1

July 1, 2013 Dennis buys the URL at an auction. Expensive. Ouch.   October 2013 Conversations with Alex about killing the inbox lead to the conclusion that meeting scheduling accounts for much of the bloat. Dennis actually counts how many meetings he scheduled in 2012. That number, 1,019, represents about 8,000 emails, and that’s…
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Deep Learning at

Deep learning is a field within machine learning which uses algorithms that contain many layers of processing and transformations. data scientist Adam Kleczewski created the above visualization by training a type of deep learning model called a Recurrent Neural Network (RNN) on the scheduling related emails in our data base. A RNN makes predictions…
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Jason Calacanis on and its AI-powered personal assistant, Amy Ingram: From “meh” to “wow” in 57 minutes

Jason talks to Dennis R. Mortensen about, humanizing our AI personal assistant, why AI won’t necessarily kill jobs, and the downside of being an entrepreneur in Denmark. Throughout the episode, Jason and Dennis set up a meeting with each other using Amy. After putting Amy to the task, Dennis checks out of the email…
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Using Scala to Build an AI-Powered Personal Assistant: Engineers Tell All makes an AI-powered personal assistant that schedules meetings for you. Amy Ingram (and her brother Andrew) have processed millions of scheduling related emails so far. The team building Amy is 60 people strong. Among them, 25 data scientists and software engineers created the Scala-based technology that allows Amy to understand meeting scheduling emails and…
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How to teach a machine to understand us

We are fast moving from the app era to the era of the intelligent agent. Over the next half decade, we’ll witness the birth of hundreds if not thousands of autonomous intelligent agents. By definition, these agents complete entire jobs by themselves, which means they must learn to understand us and our objectives. Therein lies…
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