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The Data Science that Animates Amy

Data science is at the core of Amy Ingram, our AI personal assistant, and Data Scientists make up a big part of our team. To animate Amy (and her twin brother Andrew), we are teaching her to understand scheduling related emails. Teaching machines to parse natural language alone is a daunting challenge (and represents an…
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How uses MongoDB to build Amy

Building and training your meeting scheduling assistant, Amy, from scratch requires an immense volume of data, flexible design models and a database that can handle it all. Our CTO and co-founder, Matt Casey, explains how as we see more and more use cases its important to have a Schemaless database that would support the dynamically…
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Google, Amazon and the upcoming battle over AI Assistants

The stage is set for the coming battle between the big five tech giants: Google, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, and Amazon (wait, make that four tech giants and one really tech savvy retailer). All are now heavily investing in AI. All now offer personal AI assistants poised to make your life easier. One of the most…
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Amy on the Telly — CBS This Morning

On CBS This Morning, tech contributor Nick Thompson discussed how Amy schedules his meetings (she’s way better at it than he is, apparently). Nick also gave Andrew a shoutout. The segment on “How virtual assistants could change home and life” covered Siri and Alexa as well. Thrilled to be mentioned alongside such giants.
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The Story—Chapter 1

July 1, 2013 Dennis buys the URL at an auction. Expensive. Ouch.   October 2013 Conversations with Alex about killing the inbox lead to the conclusion that meeting scheduling accounts for much of the bloat. Dennis actually counts how many meetings he scheduled in 2012. That number, 1,019, represents about 8,000 emails, and that’s…
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