Automate Scheduling With Email Shortcuts

Scheduling meetings using’s Calendar Pages (which are free, unlimited, and unbranded!) is a fast and efficient way to get time on your calendar with no back and forth. Simply create a Meeting Template and share the resulting Calendar Page link with your guest. You can even share a set of specific clickable times with your prospective guests using our Copy Times feature.

Did you know that you can also use Meeting Templates over email with multiple guests? That’s right, your Meeting Template URL is also an email scheduling shortcut to schedule that type of meeting simply by sending an email. Just email your guest(s) and CC with your Meeting Template shortcut (i.e. “/demo”) and your meeting will be scheduled!

When using a Meeting Template shortcut over email, gives you fine-tuned control over how that meeting will be scheduled, with varying degrees of automation. Here are the basics of email scheduling shortcuts.

Start With A Meeting Template

The most common use of email shortcuts is to use your Meeting Template as a starting point for the meeting constraints when scheduling a meeting over email. You can send an email to the Scheduling AI and say, “Let’s have a /demo meeting on Tuesday.” The system will use your /demo Meeting Template’s settings but will only look for times on Tuesday. You can use natural language to change the time ranges, locations, titles, and more. Cool, huh?

Make Changes Before Scheduling

When requesting a meeting over email using a shortcut, you will receive an email back confirming that the system detected the use of your shortcut and giving you an opportunity to make changes to the meeting before scheduling it. Maybe you said next week but you actually do not want any meetings on Friday. You can change that before scheduling the meeting.

Pro Tip: If everyone in the meeting is a user of, your meeting will be scheduled instantly once you confirm the meeting details!

Fully Automated Workflows

In some cases you may want to automatically schedule the same type of meeting over email without having to worry about changing the details or responding to confirmation emails. This is especially useful for automated workflows that trigger emails from your CRM, Applicant Tracking System, or other software. Imagine that when a prospect requests a demo you can immediately schedule a meeting with them by triggering an email. Imagine that a qualified candidate shows up in your hiring pipeline and you can just click “Schedule” in your ATS, triggering an email that will automatically schedule a /interview with them.

You can create these advanced automated workflows with a few Meeting Template settings that enable this type of send it and forget it scheduling. Simply tune the options under “Email Scheduling for /demo.” Choose the option to not send a confirmation so that you needn’t intervene and choose the option to ignore anything other than your shortcut to maximize consistency and accuracy.

This will skip the confirmation email and the Scheduling AI will simply schedule the meeting immediately based only on the Meeting Template’s settings. By ignoring any additional instructions in the email you can be assured that each meeting is scheduled according to the settings in the Meeting Template every time.

Schedule a Meeting Using an Email Shortcut

Try it out! You can schedule an email shortcut meeting with just yourself by sending an email directly to and simply include /virtual (or one of your existing Meeting Templates) in the body of the email. Boom, done!

Schedule every meeting instantly. For free. Forever.