Amy now responds to your emails 2x faster

Amy and Andrew are performing in ways that even the best human assistant can’t match: they don’t sleep, they don’t take breaks, they never take a day off.’s approach to building a fully automated intelligent agent means our agents can operate with unrivaled speed and reliability. Over the past two weeks, we’ve halved the time it takes Amy to respond to an email from her boss or from one of the guests in the meeting.
OLDThe graph above shows Amy’s average response time for a 4 hour period on Wednesday July 19th. As you can see it hovered between 5 and 10 minutes for most requests, with an average of 5.83 minutes to respond.
NEWToday, Amy and Andrew respond to emails at an average of ~3.5 minutes! The above graph shows a 4 hour period from Thursday July 20th, in which Amy and Andrew responded within 3.57 minutes.

When it comes to meeting scheduling, humans suffer from diminishing returns. There’s a ceiling to how fast and how much they can work that isn’t present in machines. We believe that scheduling meetings is a machine task and having humans in the loop is both a waste of human talent and a recipe for a lower-quality experience.


A rapid response from your assistant leads to a better experience for you and your guests. Happier guests mean better meetings.

The dramatic speed improvements we’ve achieved are only possible in a machine-only environment.* Soon the response time of’s intelligent assistants will only consist of designed artificial delays to give you an opportunity to make changes to your meeting before Amy and Andrew get to work. If we kept humans in the loop, we’d never get there.

* As the chart shows, there are periods in which response speed briefly spikes before returning its new normal.