Driven by artificial intelligence and human empathy

Founded in 2014, is a hardcore technology company with a mission to democratize the personal assistant. We’ve created Amy and Andrew Ingram, autonomous AI assistants who schedule meetings for you. We believe in invisible software, kindness as a design principle, and the power of AI to increase human potential.

We’re backed by blue chip investors including IA Ventures, Firstmark, and Two Sigma Ventures. We are located in New York City.


Amy and Andrew

We’re Amy and Andrew, the world’s first autonomous AI scheduling assistants. We have spent the past few years studying your meeting habits and terminology, and we’re pleased to say that we’re now ready to work alongside you and handle all your scheduling needs.

  • “Amy is so good at what she does that I find myself thanking her for booking a meeting.”

  • “When I first met Amy I thought she was real…”

  • “The smart bots are coming – and this one is brilliant.”

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Solving a problem

“I came up with the idea for after I went through the enormous pain of manually scheduling 1019 meetings in 2012, of which ~670 had updates or were rescheduled at least once. Anybody who goes through that amount of pain will try to find a way to remove it.”

Dennis R. Mortensen


  • Dennis R. Mortensen


    Dennis is a pioneer in leveraging data and a serial entrepreneur who has delivered a number of exits. His long-term vision of killing the inbox triggered the formation of He’s an Associate Analytics Instructor at the University of British Columbia, the author of Data Driven Insights, and a frequent speaker on AI, intelligent agents, and the future of work. More information on Dennis.

  • Dennis R. Mortensen CEO & FOUNDER

    Alex Poon


    Alex is responsible for all operational matters at, which includes our Contact Center and AI Trainers, Engineering and Science groups. He has over fifteen years of experience in data analytics, software development and product management. Alex was a VP of Engineering at Outbrain after it acquired the company he co-founded, Visual Revenue.

  • Alex Poon COO & FOUNDER

    Matt Casey


    Matt is the driving force behind the design, architecture, and implementation of the system. He builds products that balance advanced technologies with superior user experience. Previously, he was at Outbrain, where he overhauled its editorial product’s design and implementation, now used by thousands of editors from sites like CNN,, and NBC.

  • Matt Casey CTO & FOUNDER

    Marcos J. Belenguer


    Marcos leads natural language processing at He has 10+ years of experience in data analysis, data acquisition, and statistical analysis projects in both academia and industry. He has also authored several landmark scientific articles, including the first Higgs-boson search and discovery paper from CERN. He holds a PhD in Theoretical Physics from Universidad Autonoma de Madrid.


    Stefanie Syman


    Stefanie is a seasoned company builder who has spearheaded early customer acquisition, go-to-market strategies, and content creation for numerous startups. She co-founded FEED, a pioneering online magazine that developed many now-common features of online publishing, and her articles on technology and culture have appeared in The Wall Street Journal, The Boston Globe, and Rolling Stone.


    Joshua Peacock


    Josh leads financial planning and operations at He is a finance professional with a record of supporting the strategic development and growth of emerging companies. He was most recently VP of Finance at Scout, a leading mens’ sports publisher, and has 10+ years of  experience within tech, media, and telecommunications. He holds a Masters in Business and is a CPA.

  • Joshua Peacock VP OF FINANCE

    Liying Wang


    Liying drives the human trainer team to optimize’s AI learning environment. She is experienced in designing, building, and scaling infrastructure to optimize AI learning. She previously was at Facebook, running the human side of AI and machine learning products, including Messenger’s M. She also ran her own sports nutrition ecommerce business and was an early hire at Lyft.

  • Liying Wang VP OF AI TRAINING

    Ilia Malkovitch


    Ilia leads the product team at He has 9 years of experience building B2B and consumer products. While at Google Play, his team launched the first combined podcast and music listening experience, using curated and algorithmic recommendations. Before, he helped the world’s largest publishers use real-time bidding while at Google, Admeld, and Doubleclick.

  • Ilia Malkovitch VP OF PRODUCT

    Morgan Mackles


    Morgan’s expertise is building out scalable and repeatable sales processes. He comes to with 15+ years of sales and sales-management experience, having succeeded in quota-carrying roles across F500 and startup companies. He was previously VP of Sales at, while serving as an advisor to RainforestQA and HeavyBit.

Data Science Advisory Board

  • Daniel Krasner

    Daniel Krasner is the founder of Merriam Tech, which focuses on the development of document management platforms and related technologies. He’s the co-Founder of KFit Solutions, a data science consulting firm. In addition, he’s the Director of Data Science at Paul Hastings, and was the technology lead with the History-Lab Project at Columbia University.

  • Daniel Krasner

    Gregory Marton

    Gregory Marton worked on natural language time semantics during his graduate studies at MIT CSAIL, and took a break from it while working at Google on sentiment analysis and task-focused summarization. He holds Engineer’s and Master’s degrees from MIT, and a BS from U. Maryland, College Park.

  • Gregory Marton

    Jonathan Baxter

    Jonathan is Vice President at Two Sigma where he works on predicting the future. He is also founder & director of Panscient, a company that applies advanced ML techniques to extract structured information from the web. Prior to founding Panscient, Jonathan was an Assistant Professor at Australian National University advising PhD students and conducting research.

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