A Shipload of New Features for June

Here at x.ai, we are constantly talking with our customers to help us prioritize what to build for them. Our prolific engineers take these ideas and suggestions and turn them into new features. Over the last few months, we’ve rolled out lots and lots (and LOTS) of improvements and this month is no different! Here are the latest and greatest features from the past few weeks.

In this article:

Create Single-Use Calendar Page URLs

Sometimes you want to share your availability without having to share your calendar in perpetuity. Now you can, by generating a one-time calendar page URL. Simply create a meeting on x.ai and choose the option to send a one-time link. We’ll create a URL that will allow a single meeting to be scheduled and then the link evaporates into the dustbin of history, never to be used again.

Preview What Your Guests Will Receive

Wondering exactly what our AI will send out to your guests? Wonder no more with email previews on the meeting edit page. Now when you make changes to a meeting or before scheduling the meeting you can see exactly what our AI will be sending to your guests. Remove all doubt and schedule with confidence!

Replace the x.ai Logo

Sometimes you want to put your best brand forward. That’s why with the launch of team calendar pages, we also added the ability for you to display your logo (instead of ours) on your combined calendar pages. Well, we’ve released the next logical extension of that, allowing you to replace our logo with yours in the emails that are sent from our scheduling AI! Just select the option to use your logo instead of ours on your team preferences page.

Personalized Calendar Insights

Have you ever lied awake at night wondering how much of your work week was devoted to collaboration time with colleagues versus focus time with just you? Well now you can rest easy with helpful insights into your calendar habits on your account home page!

We consider this a good start, with more on the way. Have some ideas for additional calendar insights you’d like to see? Let us know at help@human.x.ai!

Custom Meeting Titles

When it comes to titling your meetings, everyone has their favorite format. Hyphens versus colons, guest’s name first versus host’s name, topic, etc. x.ai users who schedule meetings over email can set this automatically by including the meeting title in quotes (e.g. Amy, schedule 30 minutes with Dennis next week over Zoom and call it “Review Ammon’s Awesome Blog Posts”), but what about meetings scheduled from your calendar pages?

Well, we’ve just added a bunch of new ways to customize the titles of your meetings by default. You can choose from a variety of options mixing and matching the meeting title, the guest(s) and the host(s), and you can even opt to use the email subject line for your ad hoc meetings!

In addition, we’ve made improvements to the way we group people in the titles. You may be familiar with titles formatted like this:

For example: Dennis (3), Lauren | Product Demo

That group of 3 for Dennis used to be based on email domain, but we are now taking into consideration if you are on the same team edition on x.ai. This way, even if three different emails (and thus domains) were participating in the meeting, we’d still know you were coming as a group. Tiny detail, but it is in those tiny details you make a good product.

New Personalization Options for Calendar Pages

Need to schedule a meeting? How about a call? A webinar? A seminar? A session? No problem! Now you can change the headline of your calendar pages from the default “Schedule a Meeting With Me” to whatever you prefer as a title.

In addition, you can now add hyperlinks to your Calendar Page descriptions to give your guests more context without taking up too much space on the page.

Sortable Meeting Templates

Call your meetings to order… in whatever order you prefer! Now with easy drag and drop ordering of your Meeting Templates, you can control how they appear on your calendar homepage.

Add a Date to Calendar Page URLs

Sometimes you want to save your guests a few clicks, it’s only polite. Now instead of asking them to click through multiple dates on your calendar page, you can send them a link that jumps right to the time frame you need. Simply add the date to the URL in the format ?date=YYYY-MM-DD and your calendar page will automatically jump directly to the month you’ve specified! Yes, this does qualify you as a hacker.

Meeting Start Times Beyond the Half Hour 

Sometimes you want to block out a chunk of time to relax. Other times you want to cram as many meetings as possible into as short a time as possible. Now, you can schedule 10-minute meetings every 10 minutes, or 15-minute meetings every 15 minutes with more granular meeting start times. Want your meetings scheduled back-to-back-to-back all day? Done! Just look for the new option on your scheduling preferences under “Start Time Options.”

Notify Additional Guests And CC Them On The Invitation

Sometimes you need to keep people in the loop when you schedule meetings. They don’t need to be there but they ought to have the meeting on their calendar. Perhaps it’s an event coordinator, perhaps it’s the security desk for your building so you can add your guests to the visitors log. Sometimes you might want to put a meeting on more than one of your calendars. Whatever the case, you can now notify up to 10 additional email addresses when a meeting is scheduled and well CC them on the meeting invitation.

This feature is available on all of our plans, free and paid. If you need the ability to create a calendar page that uses the availability from multiple peoples’ calendars, you’ll want our Team plan which enables combined calendar pages.

Watch This Space For More!

We’ve got a substantial roadmap of awesome features like round-robin team scheduling, CCing people on your calendar invitations, and single-use calendar pages. Got a feature you’re just itching to see ship? Let us know at help@human.x.ai!

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