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Enable automatic instant scheduling with all of your contacts. Join the x.ai scheduling network for free.

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The power of the x.ai scheduling network saves you hours of email ping pong. Simply connect your calendar to instantly book meetings with anyone in your network with a single click, a single word, or a single email. We call this Scheduling Nirvana.

How it works

We schedule meetings wherever work gets done.

In your inbox

Just CC our AI assistants to schedule a meeting. No back-and-forth.

On your Slack

Set something up without interrupting the flow of conversation.

AI Engine

Hyper intelligent reasoning engine learns exactly when, where and how long you like to meet.

On your webpage

Personalized scheduling page lets guests book time with you at the click of a button.

In your calendar

Click our reschedule link in any invite when plans change at the last minute.

We integrate with your favorite tools, like these

What's in the box?

Your schedule is too damn complicated for simplistic calendar sharing. We offer more. Lots more.

AI Assistants
  • Create meetings in natural language or with a keyword
  • Operate over email and Slack
  • Schedule instantly with coworkers and connections
  • Book conference rooms automatically
  • Let you set up meetings for other people
  • Time zone conversion and accommodations for all parties
  • Proactive follow ups when guests are unresponsive
  • Easily set up meetings with multiple participants
  • Smart reminders for you and your guests
Calendar Page
  • Unlimited unique calendar pages for one-click scheduling
  • Customized welcome messages
  • Lead time protection, no last minute surprises!
  • Reminders for meetings scheduled 10+ days in advance
  • Dozens of personalization preferences for each page
  • A dashboard for all of your meetings with instant action buttons
  • Ability to check with you first before scheduling
  • Pad meetings with breather time in between
  • Control how far into the future guests can schedule
  • Connect multiple calendars on Google G Suite or Microsoft Office 365 (Outlook)
  • Add Amy + Andrew on your domain and customize their email signatures
  • Set your own scheduling hours, meeting durations, and breather times
  • Set your favorite in-person meeting locations
  • Set favorite virtual locations, preferred phone numbers and web conference systems
  • Add and remove team members as you see fit
  • Connect to Zoom for unique meeting links
  • Specify that you're traveling and only available for virtual meetings
  • Built-in awareness of holidays for 100+ countries

Weโ€™ve scheduled meetings with 98% of the Fortune 100 Companies

while setting up thousands of meetings for startups and small businesses.

Customers love us.

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