5 New Features to Supercharge Your Scheduling

We’ve released several new features this month that are geared toward optimizing your x.ai scheduling experience. Trust us — you don’t want to miss these!

  1. Install x.ai on Your Desktop
  2. See Your Meeting Notes in More Places
  3. Customize Your Meeting Lead Time
  4. Automatically Record & Transcribe x.ai Meetings
  5. Upgraded Tracking on Your Calendar Pages

1. Install x.ai on Your Desktop

We’ve updated our Progressive Web App so you can “install” x.ai directly on your computer. This allows you to use x.ai outside of your browser, just like any other program.

install x.ai to your desktop

In your Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge browser, simply navigate to your x.ai home screen. Look for the Install icon in the address bar. Click the icon and install the app. It’s that simple!

run x.ai like any other program on your computer

Pro Tip: You can also install x.ai’s Progressive Web App on your iPhone and Android devices.

2. See Your Meeting Notes in More Places

Did you know you can automatically include notes with any meeting you schedule from x.ai? These are added to the calendar invite, and we’re now also putting these notes into the confirmation email you and your guests receive.

add notes to your meetings automatically

This is especially useful when you want to share agenda details ahead of time, or any prep that your guests need to do before the meeting. You can also include details on how to reschedule or cancel.

Pro Tip: Booking time with non-English speakers? You can localize the experience for your guests by writing your Meeting Notes in any language.

3. Customize Your Meeting Lead Time

Educational platform Seesaw has been using x.ai to power their new video support product, which lets their customers connect with members of their Support and Customer Success teams.
As they created Combined and Round Robin calendar pages for their team, they reached out to us with a feature request: They needed the ability to customize the lead time on their meeting templates.

customize your meeting lead time

We’ve made this update and pushed it out to all users across individual and team meeting templates. Simply type in any amount of time and x.ai will use that to only show times outside that window.

4. Automatically Record & Transcribe x.ai Meetings

You can easily record, transcribe, and summarize meetings scheduled with x.ai. You can now connect a Fireflies or Notiv account to x.ai as your preferred transcription service.

select a service to record and transcribe your x.ai meetings

From there, you can turn on meeting recording for any of your personal and team meeting templates.

5. Upgraded Tracking on Your Calendar Pages

When you connect Google Analytics to your x.ai account, you can track activity on your Calendar Pages and create reports around meetings being scheduled. With our latest upgrade, you’re now able to get enhanced tracking on your embedded Calendar Pages.

google analytics

The integration is compatible with Google Analytics 4 and can send meeting scheduled events into your old (Universal Analytics or UA) and new (App + Web or G-) properties.

Have a feature request? Tell us!

As you can see, we LOVE when our users make suggestions and requests for features. Have an idea? Send me an email — lauren@human.x.ai.
Have a unique use case or questions about integrating x.ai into your team’s workflow? Schedule time with us and we can design it together!