Let your AI assistant schedule your meetings

Say goodbye to email ping-pong

and hello to more hours in your day

*Code 20VC will be applied for you

"The smartbots are coming and this one is brilliant"


Amy and Andrew's bosses are quite happy

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Patrick Ambron

CEO at

David Chang

Entrepreneur & Angel Investor

@xdotai set up 21 meetings for me during my first week of using it. That's a lot of avoided email ping pong.

 I honestly can't believe how reliable Amy is. I'm not exaggerating when I say she has saved me close to 10 hours a week. 

Luigi Congedo

Principal at BootstrapLabs

I was at the #iheartsdc and for 2 hours I didn't check my inbox... Thanks to @xdotai I have 4 more meetings on my calendar now! Love it!


Scheduling a single meeting takes an average of 8 emails back and forth. Let Amy and Andrew handle that for you :)

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