I scheduled 1,019 meetings in 2012—and that doesn't count reschedules

The number of meetings that I scheduled in 2012 might seem astronomical. Put in context, it’s less so. I was a startup-founder at the time, and that year my company, Visual Revenue, took Series-A funding, doubled revenue, and started discussing a possible exit.
I like the number though! As a startup romantic one could turn it into a nifty Malcolm Gladwell type rule of thumb called the “1,000 meetings rule.” Gladwell’s claim that greatness requires an enormous time sacrifice rings true to me—whether that means investing 10,000 hours into a subject matter to become an expert or conducting a 1,000 meetings per year, is another question.
More interesting though is the impact of this 1,019 figure, and a related one: Of those more than one thousand meetings I scheduled, 672 were rescheduled. That was painful. But these numbers were among the early pieces of data that inspired me to start x.ai.
* A meeting is defined as an event in my calendar, which is marginally flawed in both directions, given some events would be “Travel to JFK”, which is obviously a task and not a meeting, where others would be “Interview Sales Director Candidates“, which is really 4 meetings in 1.